About Us

  • QA Services Center aims to provide services to apply the suitable quality standards according to the kind of business to improve process, quality and to increase specialized resources in the quality area to be ready for the aimed certificates CMMI, ITIL and ISO
  • We took the responsibility of change management for our society to be more proactive and to increase the professionalism in our country and the region
  • QA Services also provides services by establishing needed environment and tools for different process areas on the companies’ site.

Our Mission

  • To meet our clients need for reliable, to make the manufacturing and production smoother, easier and professional through organizing work flow and applying suitable standards

Our Vision

  • We took the responsibility to change management for our society to be more proactive and professional
  • We are looking forward to have a huge team for introducing the quality activities by gaining experiences for different fields and to improve the quality in Egypt and the Middle East
  • To become the leading company in Egypt and Middle East for providing quality assurance services (CMMI, ITIL, Aglie, PSP/TSP, ISO Series) by applying the right model that improve the products quality.
  • We are looking for serving our market to have quality products had has the ability to compete the wide market
  • We are targeting to publish the quality knowledge in Software, IT, Oil, Gas, Manufacturing market in Egypt and to publish the knowhow of applying it.
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