Why QA

QA Services is an all-encompassing paradigm that revolves around the idea that maximizing customer satisfaction inevitably maximizes the long-term profitability of an enterprise.

Quality assurance is intended to make certain that a product or service under development meets specified requirements at all stages in the process. Quality control ensures that a completed and manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer.

You need to take more time to think about what is the cost of quality then thinking deeper for what is the cost of lack of quality.

Some people seem to think that quality is very expensive. When one only considers the monthly salaries, consultancy fee, one might indeed think so. But is quality really expensive? There are many reasons that explain why this is usually not so.

  • QA Services save money for you by bringing in your company lots of practical experience from other companies and lots of theoretical background knowledge. Gaining that knowledge by studying defects’ and errors’ historical data base the others have already made would cost you orders of magnitude more than outsourcing quality.
  • Quality can reduce your lead time by 25% tremendously increases your marketing potential
  • Quality can increase your productivity by 50% increases your development capacity, thus increasing the number of products you can develop and put on the market
  • Increasing quality of your products will increase customer satisfaction, and as consequence will increase your market share and profitability
  • QA Services is trying to take products' owner hands to save cost and delivering much better products that leads to customer satisfaction Catching defects early results in the highest quality
  • Our target for Quality is to get it right the first time

Are you facing a problem with quality and customer satisfaction, Are you having problems for tracking your progress, measurement and improvement needed?

  • Are you willing to make your organization more organized and systemized?
  • Project Management office need help for establishing, improving and organizing the company process asset library?
  • Are you seeking for high experienced quality employees?
  • Are you seeking for continuous process improvement with least cost consumed?
  • Are you exhausted from high training cost and employee’s turnover?

QA Services is the first company in Egypt and Middle East for providing this type of activity and to take this kind of responsibility by outsourcing qualified resources.

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