Our Projects Life Cycle

The overall methodology for any of QA Services Process assignments is illustrated below:
  • Process Scoping
    QA Services resources interact with the client through structured questionnaires, interviews and meetings, and identify their requirements to determine the scope of the process. Scoping is also based on the priority of areas requiring improvement and the related action plan. To achieve enterprise-wide process improvement initiatives, we initiate with diagnostic studies and gap analysis and plan for Actions needed.
  • Process Definition
    the next phase comprises definition of processes or enhancing the client’s existing processes. This is supplemented with concurrent process training for client’s practitioners involved in the definition activity. This phase ends with piloting the defined processes before rolling them out for organizational use.
  • Process Institutionalization
    In this phase, the defined processes is implemented after successful pilot completion. QA services impart training on the new processes to the client’s users and also ensure compliance of the new processes through process audits and interim assessments.
  • Process Validation
    In this phase, our resources ensures that the institutionalized processes are stabilized and help in validation of the process improvement through assessments or independent third-party audits.
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